Improve air quality by reducing energy use and promoting renewable energy.Edit


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Strategies: Air QualityEdit

1. Reduce home and business energy use.
Air quality is a result of the burning of fossil fuels, whether in our homes or businesses. Reducing energy consumption will reduce the pollutants released in the air. Additionally, trees and vegetation help to filter the air and shade homes and businesses.

  • Work with the Baltimore Neighborhood Challenge to expand the number of people participating in the program.
  • Create a neighborhood resource guide for larger-scaled energy improvements and renovations.
  • Promote people in the neighborhood making energy improvements, such as including them on the annual home tour.

2. Increase street tree planting (see Goal 4.A)
3. Promote the use of Renewable Energy.
Renewable energy is essentially any energy produced on site or not delivered by the power grid.

  • Develop a “neighborhood solar collective” and generate a buyer’s co‐op to lower pricing on Solar Panel installation, information and education needed on active solar systems
  • Develop and post to the PPNA website Information on rebates, tax incentives and solar co-op membership and installations.